The MakerGames is a digital board game designed to help teachers manage their resources and introduce engineering design content as students engage in open ended design challenges. With the four sides of the board split into a theme found in the traditional engineering design process, each tile has a unique prompt that either encourages storytelling to help frame the problem, brings attention to the material constraints in the building process, guides evaluation of prototypes, or facilitates sharing with marketing-type activities. Using building materials as the reward for taking turns, the players roll a die to move their piece around the board every time the game clock lands on their team. Groups quickly discuss a prompt with the facilitator before they are allowed to take a limited amount of materials, then continue building their prototype while other teams take turns at the board. To finish the game, students are guided through a series of prompts in a similar manner to prepare them for presentations about their creation.

Sample Game
Click on the image to check out a documented sample of the game being played